First Year Tutorial

What we know: (1) Barb Trish

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students?




Formal Event


  1. .

    2 looks like April Neal and 7 Brad Houston

  2. Hilary

    2. Inger Bergom ’02
    I definitely recognize #4 — David?

    • Inger Bergom

      yes #2 is me! This is a photo from a summer program for high school students. I worked for the program that summer, and Professor Trish taught a short course, I think “The US Presidency” or something like that. Summer of maybe ’00? A few high school students from the program went on to enroll at Grinnell but most didn’t.

  3. Eleanor Skinner

    Unasked for, but I’m pretty sure the location is ARH, 2nd or 3rd floor. I remember those windows.

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