Cross Country Team

What we know: photo taken in 2007

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? Description of the activity shown?


New Student Orientation (NSO) Picnic


New Student Orientation (NSO) Picnic


  1. Evelyn Freeman

    Les Duke Invite. XC meet at Oakland Acres

    1. David Montgomery
    2. Henry Reich
    3. Nick Spaar
    7. Noah DeLong

    • EL

      I think Nick Sparr is actually 4.
      5 is Sam Calisch ‘10
      6 is Ethan Heppner ‘11

    • Christine

      I think 4 is Nick Sparr, not 3. I am confident 3 is David Krist.

  2. JS

    3=Dave Krist ’08

  3. Christine

    3 is David Krist ’08

  4. PR

    1. David Montgomery
    2. Henry Reich, ’09
    3. Dave Krist, ’08
    4. Nick Sparr, ’09
    5. Sam Calisch, ’10
    6. Ethan Heppner
    7. Noah DeLong

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