Jello Wrestling

What we know: photo taken in 2003.

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? Describe the activity taking place – is this part of Grinnell Relays or another event?


Possible Hazing


Burling Library


  1. Alder Brannin

    2 is Rachael Dreyer ‘04! The woman in the background with white tights and her hands covering her mouth is probably Kristen Plowman (also ‘04 I think)

    • Hilary

      I also agree with the ID of Kirsten Plowman, but didn’t post because she wasn’t numbered.

  2. Rachel Scheckter

    Those look to be the pink short shorts of John Chavez ’05

  3. Hilary

    Maybe Rachel can fill in the blanks, but I think this jello wrestling stuff was an independent event always organized by Marty Zwickel. I remember the jello making took place in garbage bins and filled all of the Loose Hall fridges? Maybe Rose Scott ’02 remembers better? Someone could also check the SGA minutes/funding requests from this time period 🙂

  4. John Chavez

    #1 That’s me! John Chavez ‘05

    I have no firm memory of this event, but based on the timing I can take an educated guess… I was SGA Concerts Chair this year and I believe the SGA VP was Devin McGranahan ‘04. I feel like it was a project of his and some other folks to restart the tradition of the Grinnell Relays, which hadn’t happened for some years at that point? Devin could talk me into most anything. I DO remember that the molten consistency of the jello, the fact that we weren’t the first people in the pool, and the thorough hose off afterwards.

  5. Allison Haack

    from email: I also have some information on the jello wrestling photo – that is me (2) Rachael Dreyer, 2004, wrestling John Chavez (1) (2005, I think?). This was a Films Chair vs. Concerts Chair matchup, and John had dunked me once already. That jello was cold! Food services had brought this out and it was still chilled from the fridges! It wasn’t any special event, but it was sponsored by SGA. Everyone thought it would be something fun and different to do; it took place right on Mac Field.

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