Commencement, 2012

What we know: photo was taken during the 2012 Commencement ceremony. (1) Unknown, (2) Dorothy Palmer.

What we’d like to know: Name of (1).


Commencement, 2012


Commencement, 2012


  1. Jean Reavis

    College Marshall (#1) Victora Brown and honorary Marshall (#2) Dorothy Smardack Palmer, class of 1962 representing the 50-year class, lead faculty members and students into commencement on Monday May 21, 2012.
    Behind #1 is Evelyn Freeman

    Allison, please double check #1 is Victoria Brown. I think my memory serves me correctly.

    • Jessica Weisel

      #1 definitely is Victoria Brown, professor emeritus in History. She was honored at commencement that year because she was retiring after 25 years of teaching at Grinnell. I attended commencement that year because my cousin was graduating and was thrilled to see my favorite professor (and honors thesis advisor) after so many years.

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