Grinnellians with Baby Bears

What we know:

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? What year was this taken? Describe activity taking place?


Bear Dedication Volleyball


Basketball Team


  1. Emma Kelty-Stephen

    1: James Soliah
    2: Rachel Scheckter ’03?
    3: Abbey Scheckter ’02
    4: Adam Smith ’02

    Rachel and Abbey are sisters, Rachel and James are now married; Abbey and Adam were but are not now. No idea what they are doing with bears!

    • Rachel Scheckter

      Emma got the people all right! James Soliah and Rachel Scheckter were class of ’05, though. This photo was taken in northern Minnesota during a late winter/early spring expedition with our aunt, Karen Noyce (niece of Bob Noyce, sister of Betsy Noyce ’73, and beloved member of our family despite her decision to go to Carleton). Karen is a wildlife biologist and bear expert. The DNR in Minnesota monitors the health of the black bear population, so in the spring when they’re tracking the bears they have tagged, they tranquilize the adults to weigh them, collect hair samples, etc. and need volunteers to cuddle the babies and keep them warm. It’s a pretty good gig!

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