Backpacks for Katrina

What we know: photo possibly taken in 2005.

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? What year was this taken? What building is it?


Students with foam weapons and shields


Student Award Winners


  1. .

    4 is Katherine Rochester

  2. be

    4. Katherine Rochester ’06

  3. Allison Rosenthal

    I think 3 is also Ben Johannsen, ’05?

  4. 2 is Julie Sundermann ’06, 3 is Ben Johanssen ’05 or ’06.

  5. Eli Z.

    I agree with all commenters before who have got Katherine, Julie, and Ben (all ’06) correct!

  6. David [degeestd] '06

    Agree that 2 is Julie Sundermann, 3 is Ben Johannsen, and 4 is Kat Rochester (all ’06).

    But who is number one? Is it Aven Frey?

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