Bear Dedication Volleyball

What we know: photo possibly taken 2005.

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? What year was this taken? Describe activity taking place?

Use the letters rather than their jersey numbers, please!


New Student Orientation (NSO) Picnic


Grinnellians with Baby Bears


  1. EL

    I *think*
    B is Erin Nothwehr
    C is Neo Morake (‘09)
    D is Lara Jansen
    E is Marcela Gomez
    K is Jessica Hodgman

    • Hilary

      I don’t think D is Lara Janson.

      Also, this is clearly a volleyball match.

  2. Betsey Blanche

    My guess is that J is Becky Ohman and H could be Cathy Stella class of ’04 but she may not have stuck around that long.

  3. Jan Zeleke

    G is Stephanie Schmidt

  4. Hilary

    G. Stephanie (Schmidt) Quinn-Davidson

  5. Hannah Phelps Proctor

    G- Stephanie Schmidt 2003 alum

  6. Stephanie (Schmidt) Quinn-Davidson

    H is Cathy Stella (04)and I’m G (class of 03). I think we must have been helping with coaching. Cathy was maybe a formal assistant coach? I was probably just in town and helping out.

    I is Tamara (can’t remember her last name)
    D is Molly (can’t remember last name, class of 09)

  7. Betsey Blanche

    I is Tamrah Collins class of ’06.

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