What we know: (4) Ed Phillips

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? Where was the photo taken?


In Nature


Field Day


  1. Sarah Hilliard

    1. Catherine Dean, 2001
    2. Jennifer Orsowy, 2001
    6. Ashley Jones, 2002

  2. Hilary

    1. Cathy Dean ’01?
    3. Rachel Melis ’01
    6. Ashley Jones ’02

  3. Melissa Torres

    Student 6 is Ashely Jones, ’02

  4. Whitney Davidson

    3. Rachel Melis ’01
    6. Ashley Jones ’02

  5. Molly Slate

    1 is Catherine dean ’01. 3 is Rachel Melis ’01

  6. Ashley Jones

    (6) Ashley Jones ’02

    Photo was taken in the Classics Seminar Room (ARH) in Spring ’99

  7. Fred Beukema

    I’m not 100% certain, but my gut reaction is that (5) is Andrew Rabin ’99.

  8. Eleanor Skinner

    I’m pretty sure (5) is Andy Rabin also.

  9. Catherine Dean

    1) is me Catherine (Cathy) dean ‘01 (props to y’all who recognized me because I’m not sure I would have hahah!)

    2) Jennifer (‘niffer) orsowy ‘01 now Jennifer Pierce.

    3) is Rachel Melis ‘01

    5) not sure of his name but I remember he was a senior so that would have been class of ‘99.

    I agree it was taken in the classics seminar room in arh.

    I believe the subject of this seminar was Virgil. You can tell because everyone else is laughing and I’m sitting there thinking how much I hate poetry and wishing it was Roman comedy, my favorite Latin course ever.

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