Katrina Backpack Project

What we know: photo was taken while students filled backpack for children as part of the Katrina Backpack Project. Likely 2005.

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? What year was this taken? What building is it?


Katrina Backpack Project


Katrina Backpack Project


  1. Mary Parker

    1 is Christine Vigeland ’06.

  2. Freeda Brook

    4. Anna McNulty ’06

  3. Phoebe Souza

    3. Phoebe Souza, class 2008

  4. be

    4. Anna McNulty Taylor ’06

  5. Christine

    This is definitely in the Forum.

  6. Allison Rosenthal

    I think 2 is Ben Johannsen ’05?

  7. 2. Ben Johannsen ’05 or ’06
    4. Anna McNulty Taylor ’06
    5. Jenny Dale ’06

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