New Student Orientation (NSO) Picnic

What we know: photo taken in 2009.

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students?


Cross Country Team


Basketball Team


  1. Evelyn Freeman

    11. Henry Reich

  2. Henry Reich

    This is most likely 2008 NSO, given the presence of 11. Henry Reich ’09 and no students from ’13. I suspect the incoming first years here are from 2012 – Sachi Graber (12.), etc.

    Either that or this is not NSO but some spring 2009 picnic, though that’s unlikely given my haircut was different in spring 2009 and the foliage doesn’t look like spring.

    2. is Mickie O’Brien (’11), 6 Alison Weck (’11), 7 Molly Rottman (’11) , behind Alison and Molly (un-numbered, can mostly see her forehead) is Brie Bieler (’11). I suspect the green shirt facing Alison and Molly may be Annie Tempest (’12). 9. is Sarah Casson (’11).

    I believe the two buzz-cut people sitting on left facing away from camera are (black shirt) Ulfer Grant and (white “evanston” tshirt with cycling sunglasses) Anders Ahlberg.

  3. KE

    1. Nora Colter (’10)
    10. Susan Kikuchi (’11)

    Unnumbered – sitting in front of a bike – Cecily Wegmann (’12)

  4. Anon

    8. Laura Glass ’12?

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