What we know: photo was taken while students worked the Phone-A-Thon on September 29, 2005.

What we’d like to know: Name and graduation year of the students? What building is it?




Food House


  1. Clare

    I had tutorial with 4 Sam something from NC.
    Building is basement of Mears

  2. Mary Parker

    1 looks like Natalie Larson ’06? 2 is Erin Sinogba and 5 is Alika Mathur, both ’06.

  3. Christine

    3 is Caroline Bowker ’09. This is Phonathon in the Mears basement. Agree on the others.

  4. Erin

    4 is Michael Tran ’08

  5. Erin

    Yes, 2 is me. 🙂

    4 is Michael Tran ’08

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